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Let us manage the details—from survey and design to purchasing and material logistics to installation and turn-up—ensuring your systems operate flawlessly and profitably from day one.

Survey & Consultation

It’s important to know your infrastructure, but technology changes quickly and it can be difficult to keep up. Can your system handle today’s needs? It might. We can tell you. If not, what do you need? We can tell you.

Technology Installations

Control the aesthetics and expectations on your technology installs without tying up your time. Customized calendars, Gantt charts with real-time updates, and as-built deliverables.

Crew Resources & Guides

Your in house electrician or local or bidding contractor may not be up-to-speed on the latest technology and may not understand the quality expectations for installations on your property. We inform, illustrate, and track every detail along the way, removing doubt.

Installation Management

Install and implement your own system. We can review your needs and help design, procure, and turn-up the optimized configurations and manage the installation for you.

Our Services

We make smart technology simple.

We manage technology projects from concept, survey, and design, to activation, providing detailed as-built deliverables and essential documentation along the way. Our focus is on Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) apartment communities, providing these services to both owner-developers and tech companies. Clearly communicating expectations, tasks, and benchmarks.


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