Monetize-That was formed by a group of low-voltage and technology professionals with years of design, installation, and management experience. We created Monetize-That with the intention of taking the lead in ensuring property owners and managers have the right resources to understand, provide, and maintain their commercial property’s technological needs.

We manage technology projects from concept, survey, and design, to activation, providing detailed as-built deliverables and essential documentation along the way. Our focus is on Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) apartment communities, providing these services to both owner-developers and tech companies. Clearly communicating expectations, tasks, and benchmarks.

We believe it’s crucial to review and understand a property’s current technological condition to optimize systems and plan for future upgrades. For new construction, it’s essential that proper vendors and sub-contractors are hired with their scopes clearly defined, in order that all of your technologies work together seamlessly. With retro-fitting, your property’s aesthetics and building integrity is paramount.

Our Services

About Monetize That

Our Process

Our team develops scopes for each vertical, so clients can issue RFPs and receive bids. Once we reach this phase, we review bids and can assist in pricing negotiations. After a subcontractor is hired by our clients, we develop an installation guide with our clients’ standard installation guidelines for each technology vertical.

We manage all of the property’s technology from the start, ensuring material and labor logistics are streamlined for efficient installation, and that all subcontractors are on the same page – working with the electrical contractor on pathways, sleeve placement, wall space, and optimal power placement. We also review additional technologies to save on power and electrical installation costs.

Site Audits and As-Built

Monetize-That can perform a site audit to give you a real understanding of your technology closets and their potential, with a final picture of what’s left to complete for all technologies, drafting a final as-built for each discipline.